9 June 2011

GLEL visits Khula Dhamma Eco Community Farm

Thank you Tim & Anne for hosting such a special day at KD.
KD is an eco community with the aim to show that living more lightly on the planet is possible.
We had a great turn out with over 50 people attending. On arrival we met in the newly completed hall for tea where Anne explained to the gathering how the community runs.
Central to the community's work is the nonprofit organization, HOPE LEARNING, HEALING, & RESOURCE CENTRE, which has its aim to promote & serve the movement towards conscious, natural & community-based living, & to share skills & understanding with others who seek to restore the Earth & her people.
After tea we made a tour of the nearly completed guest accommodation & the bio-digester, then looked at the members' houses. A fascinating mix of materials have been used to build them: straw bale, cob, wattle & daub, some with thatch roofs, one with a living roof, & one with a tin roof to collect rain water.
Tim then led us down to Tim & Anne's "homestead", a 2 hectare plot designed on Permaculture lines to produce the fruit and vegetables, & some grain, for the community. They started farming there 18 months ago & have planted about 120 fruit and nut trees & other indigenous trees, as well as a variety of vegetables.
We completed the day with a picnic lunch at the Quku River where Tim explained the LAND RESTORATION project they aim to implement on the farm. Some people gently removed yellowwood saplings which have been put in the nursery until they are ready to be replanted. Thanks to those of you who did!
The KD community believes that there is nothing more sorely need on our planet at this specific time, than a HUGE move towards another way of living. It is this sentiment that is driving GLEL too! Thanks to all those involved in getting GLEL off the ground & the continued support of all our members!
P.S. If you would like to find out more about Khula Dhamma and their ethos & vision visit www.khuladhamma.org. They are always looking for new members to help make their vision possible. If you identify with KD's values and goals, please contact them - they would love to hear from you!

9 May 2011

May Meeting At Khula Dhamma

Please join us for the fourth meeting of

Khula Dhamma Eco Community Farm on
21st may 2011

We are changing the format of the meeting to accommodate traveling
time and to make the distance worthwhile.

You hosts will be Tim Wigley and Anne Keating who joined the
eco-community last year.

ARRIVE at 11:00 and following the signs to the community hall.
Join us there for tea and a chat about community life and have a quick look around at the various houses and community garden.
Walk down to Tim and Anne’s place – earth harmony homestead.
Here Tim will explain how he has designed their 2 hectare plot on Permaculture principles.
RIVER WALK & your contribution to forest restoration!
Khula Dhamma is over run by alien vegetation but there is a narrow band of lovely indigenous fauna along the Quko river.
We’ll have lunch here at the river and Tim will talk about our forest restoration plans. To help the restoration along we ask that you each bring an old container and a small trowel to dig up the many baby yellowwoods on the forest floor. These will then be replanted when they are a good size.
We’ll then take another route back to the community ‘village’ where you will have parked your car.

We hope to be back here by 3:00/3:30. If you need to leave earlier, please feel free to do so!

Khula Dhamma Eco Community Farm is situated on the Haga Haga road
(directions below). Due to the fact that Khula Dhamma is approx 45mins
drive from East London we would like to try coordinate lift sharing in
order to reduce the amount of vehicles travelling to the venue. If you
are set on driving to the venue in your own vehicle and don't mind
offering lifts to other members, please send an email to
greenlivingel@gmail.com stating the no of extra people you can
accommodate as well as the area you live in and contact details. Those
of you who would prefer catching a ride to the venue please send an
email request for a lift as well as the area you live in and contact

We will then be able to create a lifts offered/lifts requested list.
This list will then be emailed out in the hope that right people can


Take the N2 north from East London.

About 35km out of East London take the Kei Mouth/Morgan Bay/Haga Haga turn off to your right. Travel along this road for 11 Km until you reach St Anthony’s Store on your left.

Take the turn off to Haga Haga on your right.

Travel along this dirt road for 6 km.

You will see a small wood sign board ‘KD ECO COMMUNITY’ on your left.

Turn in there, go through the gate. Keep going along this farm road through the next gate (please close the gate). Keep going for about another 1km up the hill and you will see the parking on your right.

3 March 2011

Next activity: Permaculture garden at Lilyfontein School

The next meeting will be a visit to Lilyfontein School where we will see the Permaculture garden to get inspiration and knowledge. The meeting will take place on Sat 26th March at 2:15 for 2:30pm until 4pm. Hope to see you there!

Successful inaugural meeting with 50 participants!

An environmental network has been founded in East London named Green Living East London! A successful inaugural meeting was held the 19th February with 50 attendances.

The meeting was chaired by Kerry Mclean who gave a broad overview of the Permaculture Interest Group some years ago which went into abeyance and is now being reconstituted as Green Living East London.

She introduced Tim Wigley who gave an interesting animated talk about natural farming, drawing on his own experience of teaching permaculture for many years. This was followed by the screening of selected portions of a Permaculture DVD
about ‘Establishing a Food Garden’.

The floor was then opened for general discussion. The following was suggested:

• To establish a telephone chain
• Devote a session on Recycling (This drew much discussion from participants, aided by Richard
• Information and teaching on how to start an organic garden

Overall an exciting and positve start to Green living East London. Looking forward to an informative and constructive year!